Participant Feedback

"Recess TEC will introduce you to Shannon Smith and Nancy Brachbill. These two outstanding educators provide inservices on leading technology. They are unique for several reasons: They talk in simple, understandable languages, they talk straight (not down at you or above you), their message is updated and based on affordable technology, and they know what they are talking about since they walk the walk in their own situations. I have heard them, I respect them, and I highly recommend them. And they are affordable."

Mr. Jim Burgett
The Burgett Group, President
The Burgett Group Recommendations


"Thanks for the inspiration! I plan to implement more technology!"

"What a professional yet easy to follow presentation on a program that is new to me."

"Thank you for the one-on-one help and the time to work with the software."

"Awesome Ideas!"

"This was very well-done and I will use it in my classroom."

"Great hands-on workshop with instructors giving input personally and specifically to what each of us needed."